Wall Decals Ideas, A Replacement of Wallpapers

Wall Decals are also called Wall Stickers, it is an easy and practical way to create a cozy atmosphere in your room. Actually, using wall decals for the wall is not a new idea, however the wall decals that available today is more efficient, simple and looks more elegant.

Wall Decals or Wallpaper

wall decal leavesWall decal is not the same like wallpaper. No doubt, wallpaper is more beautiful, but it is not so easy for applying it on the wall and especially when removing it. It can be like a wallpaper, but you just need to stick them on any smooth surface. So that it’s easy to remove and your wall will remain same as before. The good thing is, after removal, you can reuse the wall decals again.

Laser Cutting

wall decal laser cuttingWall decal is made from a colored material that cut through laser cutting to create a custom design or as per customer request.
The color is usually on both sides, so that it can be seen if it is applied on glass or any transparent surfaces. The adhesive only sticks on the sticker and will not stick on the wall or other surfaces after removal. The color of wall decals is also can be created from printing process. However, the color usually will not stay longer and easy to be faded.

Vinyl Base

The wall decal is not made from paper surely. It is made from a colored vinyl. So, it is not easy to be torn. If you want a natural look, choose wall decals with finishing matte than a shiny surface. Wall decal is very thin so that easily can be applied on any surfaces or even on a textured surface.

Outdoor Use

wall decals outdoorWall decals also can be applied on floor, mirror and even for bathroom curtain. Make sure the surface is clean before sticking the sticker. We can apply it on glass and steel too for exterior decoration. However, don’t apply it on a surface that has porous.

Here we will give you some ideas about what type and pattern of wall decals will suit your room. However, you may print the same pattern as shown on these images and create the same theme. And don’t forget to share with us if you are using wall decals in your home.free bird wall decal wall decal for living room  wall decal waterfall vine wall decal with black background wall decals image Wall Decals tree design wall decals Tree in the wind wall decal