Types of Room Dividers And Their Benefits

Room dividers are a kind of screen use for the partition of a room in different areas. The interior designer, stylists and architects know well how to divide a hall into multiple separate spaces. Originally, the room dividers were made in China and Japan. Then, it got popularity and the trend spread to Asia and America. Now, the room dividers are commonly used worldwide.

Types of Room Dividers

You can divide a big room in many ways. The most common types include:
• Shoji Screens
• Cubicle Partitions
• Walls
• Pipe and Drape Screens.
The material used for the room dividers can be wood, plexiglass, glasses, framed canvas, plants, cotton sheets, railings, shelves and many more. There are also portable room partitions that contain double wall panel and wheels.

The most popular screen is the folding Shoji divider. It contains threefold walls. You can make partition of a living room, common room, and bedroom. In some schools, the staff erects the classroom dividers in the big halls and several classes are conducted in the same room separately. The caster, also known as the portable room partition, is very convenient to move anywhere, you go. When the class is over, simply roll it back for future purposes.

Room Partition Ideas

First of all, choose a space for using as a divider in the room. Place the decoration pieces around that area. This place will act as more protection and privacy concerns.

In the restaurants, the room dividers are in the form of the wine shelves. They are long-lasting and permanent. At the same scheme, room dividers are used in the offices as to create the separate cabins.

Sometimes, there is an event or convention and you do not have much space. You can make several partitions in a single hall. These room dividers will act as temporary separations. You can remove them afterwards. Likewise, you can use the portable room dividers as well as the fixed ones. Other types include the floor dividers, hanging dividers and ceiling dividers.

Benefits of the Room Dividers

There are multiple benefits of the room dividers. If you are living in a hostel, you might have experienced some type of dividers, such as changing-area, prayer area, etc. Generally, students cannot afford expensive materials for the room partitions. So, they use the cloth sheet and carts or benches to make an easy room divider. Hence, changing dress daily or offering prayer 5 times a day in a separate area becomes easier and organized.

You can also make storage areas in a room. It makes the room clean and there is no mess anywhere in the room. You can use attractive colors of the room dividers. Making the foot tracks, entrance area, desk front canopy and stylish background can add to its beauty. The room looks disciplined, well-organized, clean and elegant.

In the marriage halls and meeting places, the room dividers are used as a separate gathering of men and women. Similarly, the organizations which cannot afford separate offices can make hardboard partitions as their sub-offices.

In the convention centers, most people use the pipe and drape dividers. You can use the plastic frames, wire-tubing or the metal frame. On the frame, you can hang the fabric to hide the unnecessary area.