Top 5 Ways to Create Privacy with Plants

Privacy with plants

Do you think that fencing with wood or iron is the only way to have a private space? The obvious answer is, No. We also use some special kinds of plants for creating privacy. It looks awkward to build a high wall all around our house. The friendliest way is to grow privacy plants, it keeps your home safe from prying eyes of the neighbors and the passersby.
Backyard plants fenceLet’s go green. Who will not like sitting in such a fresh and green area? No matter if you don’t have any idea of planting for this purpose. Some people grow plants in the ground. Some use movable containers that stand on their own.

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Most popular plants for privacyFollow our guidelines. Learn how you can draw attention to what you want to scream. In this way, you can hide the unattractive sights as well.
Patio plants for privacy1. At first, it is important to get information about the plants. You can visit any local nursery and talk to the specialist. Ask him the questions about evergreen plants. The nursery of your locality is an easy approach for the availability of plants. Privacy plants must have a certain height. Learn to know about their growth. Which plants can fill in quickly and ensure screening.
Garden fences planters
2. You should have communicated about screening with the specialist. You should know how much area you want to scream out with the plants for privacy. Whether you want to avoid street noise or screen only a single wall or all around the front area of your home. This initial homework will make a proper sense of developing privacy with plants. Then, draw a unique plan of action.
Best plants for privacy
3. Think about using only one species of plants. It is a better idea to install a line of plants. Because different plants grow at different rate. Any break in the line of plants will destroy the whole cause of screening.
Privacy plants
4. Prefer at least 8 to 10 feet tall plants. These will provide an excellent privacy. You may consider them expensive. They are, but they will run for years. This way, you will find them as a return to your investment.
Privacy hedge5. Pinpoint the critical location. For example, the garbage cans of your neighbors. Then move your plants to provide the best coverage for privacy. If you have less space but need more area to hide, planting thick growing vines will be the solution.

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Arborvitae and boxwood in a manicured garden plants for privacy

Best privacy plants ideas

Privacy hedge created by photinia trees

Privacy trees shrubs

Privacy with plants