Small Kitchen Design Ideas

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It is a big dilemma for a housewife to have a small kitchen in her house. The cooking activities can be a little bit annoyed by the space limit.

A small kitchen area usually we can find in a an apartment or flat. You feel that you cannot move easily while you are busy with cooking. Let us find the real problem then.landscape studio apartment kitchenTry to look at the area you have and think wisely. Never blame the space, but you may blame yourself by placing many things that make your kitchen like a households exhibition area. You have to redesign it again and here we give some ideas about small kitchen designing that you may use for your reference to make your space even better than before.

Minimalist Kitchen

You must think wisely how you can utilize and manage the available space to make the area looks better and bigger. The most popular concept now days is the minimalist concept.Small Kitchen CabinetsBy using the minimalist concept, you will not spend more money as you only need to buy the cheap minimalist furniture that should be on your kitchen. However, some people may have misunderstood that minimalist is always linked to a small space. Minimalist is not related to an area or home size, but it is pure about simplicity. Remove some furniture that you actually use occasionally to save more space.

Furniture Dimension

Gladys Schanstra kitchen open shelvingThe next aspect is about the furniture dimension. For sure, using luxury and elegant furniture will not fit in your kitchen or at least it will consume most of the area. Calculate the area and select the proper dimension for the furniture.

Multi Functionlandscape kitchen

Try to select the furniture that effectively can help to reduce space consumption like a kitchen island with storage, hanging cabinets to keep your utensils or even you can hang your microwave on the wall if you don’t have any objections. The point is select furniture that can be utilized as multi function purposes.

Wall ColorsSmall Kitchen Ideas

The above brief explanation is actually the main solution to make the kitchen look bigger. However, we still have another supporting solution to achieve your objective which is the wall color. Colors are taking a big effect for the area dimension. Colors are like a magic, which can make the area look cramped, smaller or wider.Small green and white kitchenFor small kitchen, use bright colors and try to keep one color theme between the ceiling, wall and the floor.
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