How to Place Rugs on Carpet

Placing rugs on carpet is not recommended actually, however, people have many reasons to put a rug on the carpet. Their reason is obviously for styling the room, as sometimes replacing the old carpet needs more money.bedroom area rugs on carpetIf you really want to have rugs over your carpet, then you must know the rules, in order to get the best result at the end.

Using Rugs with Textures

living room rug on carpetFor the best option and decorating select a rug with texture. Choosing a contrast color and bright texture over a neutral color of your carpet will liven up the area.

Colors Consideration

rugs on carpetMake sure that the color is matched with the carpet to create a harmony and stylish look. Or else, you only make a color clash and it will look weird.

Size and Shape

rugs on carpet shape and sizeCheck your room size before deciding to buy rugs and you have to consider the placement of your furniture too. Regarding the shape, again look at the surrounding area, if it is dominated by rectangle shapes, then choose the oval or circular shape to add a variety.

The Weight

Modern rugs on carpetSometimes it make us irritable placing rugs on carpet, as it easily gets wrinkled or shifted from the normal position. To avoid wrinkling and shifting, we must select heavier and thick material. It will help us to avoid the problem.

Tips to Consider

Artistic rugs on carpetA Rug can utilize for designating the area, if you have an open floor or huge room with wall to wall carpeting, then use a carpet of a neutral color to avoid color clashes.
rugs on carpet a point of interestChoose unique and colorful rugs that can create a point of interest for your room. You may also place them under the sofa, bed and table. But than you need to consider the appropriate size to avoid any bad and weird looks, because if it’s not matching with the area than your complete room will looking bad.
contemporary living room rugs on carpet
Living Room rugs on carpet
rugs on wooden floorYou may also place rugs on wooden floor.