20 Ideas Of Pendant Lighting For Kitchen & Kitchen Island

Mini pendant lighting for kitchen island

Pendant Lighting for Kitchen become so much popular now days, it is one of decorating elements for home interior, especially for room with classic style.

The classic style of pendant lighting is called chandelier. Previously the chandelier is not more than like a candle holder that hung on the ceiling as no electricity at that time.

Attractive pendant lights over island kitchen
Since that time, chandelier has developed a lot for its style and function and today, people know the other type of chandeliers that called pendant. Now, there are many styles of pendant lamps that increasingly widespread in modern houses that you will find them not only in the living room, but also in the kitchen.

Pendant Lighting for Kitchen

Brilliant kitchen pendant lightingThese type of lighting in living room has been common since before and now it is used for kitchen too.

We describe here, how and which type of pendant lighting we can use in our kitchen.

Brown kitchen pendant light fixturesIf you have a combine dining room with kitchen than it is better for you to have a pendant lamp. Hang it exactly above your dining table. If your dining table is in a separate room, then use the lamps above the kitchen island. Pendant lighting also helps to create a cozy environment.

There are many options of pendant lighting that can be used for your kitchen, some of them listed below.

Glass made pendant lamp

Drum grey clear glass shade beautiful metal shade pendant lights that blend in with the pattern of the kitchen island toplamps that made from glass look more clean and luxurious, especially if it matches the theme of your interior. However, it is easy to get dirty and needs intensive handling.

Industrial style of pendant lamp

Industrial pendant lightsThis type of lighting is suitable for a rustic or industrial kitchen style. However, now so many people use this model for modern style too. There are so many rustic lamp style available that intentionally designed to match with all interior styles.

Big lamps in kitchen

Big accent pendant lighting for modern kitchenThe big size of pendant lamp is suitable for the kitchen that has wider and bigger space to create a stunning effect. The best place for big Pendant lamp is over on kitchen island . It is not recommended for small kitchen and shorter ceiling.

Chandelier style

Small kitchen chandelier the great designsChandelier style will be a perfect choice to make your kitchen looks luxurious. It work best with classic interior design and you may light it up only on special occasion with your family or guests.

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