Should The Parents Buy Toddler Beds For Their Kids?

The parents often get confused that they should buy toddler beds or not. Some say that there is no need of a toddler bed. When the child grows, buy a twin bed straight away. Spending on every phase of a kid’s life becomes a bit difficult.

Toddler bed pinThis post will clear the pros and cons of toddler beds and you can decide accordingly:

Advantages of The Toddler Beds

Blue toddler beds for boyThe size of a toddler bed is fifty to sixty inches. It can easily fit in a small room. Still, there will be enough area for the boy to play. A toddler bed is preferable, if your room cannot adjust a twin bed or looks congested in the presence of a bigger bed.

Ikea vikare become jeepFor the 3 to 4 years aged children, you can buy an IKEA Vikare. It is a kind of the toddler bed that you can turn into a bed of thin full-length.

You can also use the spare space for your office work. Hence, your kid will not go out of your sight and you will comfortably be able to work in the same room. Some parents use a toddler bed for the boys, because they feel it easy to set everything of their need in the bed corner, such as toys, stationery, etc.

Toddler beds for a boyFor naughty kids, most mothers are worried that they may fall from the bed. No problem! The edges of the toddler beds are high and your boy will remain safe, whether playing with toys or sleeping.

Toddler bed ideasSome kids sleep in different directions whole night and roll out. They take more space to spread their legs and arms. For such sleeping positions, you cannot ensure their safety unless you have a toddler bed for them.

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A toddler bed is recommended for you, if you have another kid in the cot. In this situation, you can use it for a long time. When one boy grows, the other one will use it.

Disadvantages of the Toddler Beds

2 unique toddler beds for rent in aurora coloradoThose parents, who are in favor of the twin beds, describe various disadvantages of the toddler beds for boys. According to them, buying a toddler bed is wastage of money. They are costly. The child grows quickly. You cannot spend again and again. Likewise, a toddler bed is to be used for a short period. Hence, no longevity.

Toddler bed railsYour kids may not feel easy, if you change the bed after 2,3 years. Moving from a crib to a toddler bed and then to a twin bed may disturb them. So, why not to buy a twin bed straight away? Your boys will feel more comfortable on a big sized bed. You can add a removable rail to a twin bed. When he grows a few months more, you can use the box spring, as well.

Bed for toddlerWhen you buy a new bed after every 2, 3 years, it may make the boy desirous to order new and new things for him. It will not be affordable for you. This is the age, in which the child’s habits become strong. Teach him to live in whatever is provided. You are already spending too much on his toys.

Suppose, you buy a toddler bed, where will you place it, when you will replace it with the twin bed after 2 years? If you will sell it, you will get a loss.

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A bigger bed allows more crawling area, in case, the boy sees a horrible dream. Also, he can get more play-space, if the bed size is big. Sometimes, the mother can cuddle with him on the same bed, too.

But wait, before decide whether buy a Toddler bed for your kid or not, just watch this video.

If you would like to choose a toddler bed for your baby than we collect some best ideas for you. Here we go.

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cool toddler beds for boys

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