7 Types of Kitchen Island Ideas With 20 Designs

Kitchen island design

Kitchen island not only use for fill the space in the middle of our kitchen, but its useful in many ways by increasing the functionality and efficiency of our room. According a survey Kitchen island is very popular and a must have for majority of people. It is used not just providing the facility for eat in hurry, but also provide cabinet space to save you kitchen appliances.

It is always a hard to decide that what kind of kitchen island will appropriate and more functional in your room. We are sharing here ideas for you to decide which design and size will look more appropriate. From these pictures if anyone match according the size of your room, than you may built the exactly same design for your self.

1. Modern Kitchen Island ideas

The type of island depends on the theme of your home. If your home theme is modern than look at these pictures may be work for you.
modern kitchen island with chairs

modern kitchen island

modern kitchen islands

Kitchen island design

2. Rustic Kitchen Island

Rustic Design also very popular now days, If your theme is rustic you may look at theme pictures.
Rustic Homemade

Rustic KITCHEN Island Ideas

Rustic Table

3. Traditional Kitchen

For traditional and old style lovers these kitchen islands will work well to go with your traditional style.
Island for Dining and Storage

Skegg Kitchen

traditional kitchen island

traditional style

4. Pendant Lighting

You may use Pendant lights above the island, exactly as shown in the pictures below.
kitchen island lighting

Pendant lights with a traditional touch

Pendant lights

5. Kitchen Island Storage

You may also choose the island with double functionality as i mention above, not just for sitting and eating purposes but also for storage. You may store many things in the cabinets below. Here are some pictures where you can see very beautiful storage cabinets on sides.
design ideas with seating and storage

kitchen island cabinets

white wood and stainless isalnd with book shelves

6.Small Kitchen

If you are still difficult to decide, than you may choose small movable islands for your room. They can be easily adjust in any space and also later you can change their position.
Adjustable Kitchen Island small kitchen

7. DIY Kitchen Island

These all designs is expensive for you or you can’t afford to build such kitchen island, as you see above, than don’t worry i still have an option for you. You may buy the material from market and built one in your home for your self, same like pics below.

Diy Island

made it by yourself