Why Gray Kitchen Cabinets Are So Popular?

Dark gray kitchen cabinets with marble backsplash

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It becomes the central station of the entire home, especially at gatherings. Do you think your kitchen is modern, glamorous and inviting possibly? Here, we will give you some amazing ideas. Try gray kitchen cabinets and your kitchen will spark to an extent.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets, Color Psychology

Vintage grey kitchen cabinetsBefore going to the amazing ideas, learn the psychology of gray color. Apparently, it seems to be an odd color having a dull and depressing impression, but it works perfect for kitchens. How?

Dark gray kitchen cabinetsJust imagine a kitchen adorned with gray cabinets. In addition, a contrasting color is used for flooring, walls and ceiling. What an ideal kitchen it is! This is just because of gray kitchen cabinets that cast everyone’s first glance to the kitchen.

Gray Shades

Gray is a neutral color. It has the tendency to be mixed with other neutral paints and many stains. There are a variety of different shades of gray color. What shades you want to utilize for cabinets?

Traditional kitchen light grey cabinetsWhether light, or just a brushed finish, dark gray option or creek stone. Besides, you can create a gentle contrast with gray colored lower cabinets and white upper wall cabinets. Gray mixed with white will also be another option. It will leave an exciting impression.

Gray Wooden Cabinets

Gray kitchen cabinetsYou can choose veneered wood cabinetry to give a natural look. Veneered with gray adds a warmth and depth to a modern kitchen. It is the most popular present-day trend. It causes a sense of relaxation and style.

Grey Steel Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen steel cabinets in gray colorNothing is well-groomed and sleek more than stainless steel. Steel kitchen cabinets are natural in gray color. No paint coating is required for this. Most home owners are using steel cabinetry to make kitchen completely contemporary. Moreover, these are durable and easy to clean. No doubt, it is an amazing addition to your kitchen.

If you feel it costly, you can try cabinets layered with steel over the top. You get both the benefits from steel cabinetry durability as well as glamorous gray look.

The above ideas may confuse you, what to decide for your kitchen cabinetry. Don’t feel troubled. Think what appeals you the most.

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Gray cabinets with wooden floorWhy don’t you try a mixture of all of them? Yes, it will surely fulfill your desire for gray cabinets. Combine wood, gray lacquer and paint. The combinations are endless, but this one will keep you on a budget too.
Dark gray kitchen cabinets with marble backsplash

Dark grey kitchen cabinets

Darker shade of gray kitchen

Gray kitchen cabinets ideas

Grey kitchen caninets

Simple grey kitchen standing dining table