Dining Table Set, Recommendations and Ideas

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As we try to choose the best furniture set for our living room and bedroom same It will be for selecting our dining room. The main furniture in there is the dining table. It is important, as not only your whole family who eat there but also your guests. You have to choose wisely not just look for design but also for quality and durability.
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There are many styles of dining table set out there that attract us and sometimes make us confuse, which one is better than another design. However, whatever style you want to choose, you must know well the size of your room.
Dining Table Sets transparent
If the area is small, than select transparent style or smaller one and for bigger area, choose more ethnic and classic style with heavy look.
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The uniqueness of dining table can be noticed from the shape itself. There is square shape, rectangle, eclipse or round shape. Again, the choice depends on the space of your room.
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Selecting the appropriate size of dining table set is affecting the overall environment and interior design. It will make you feel comfortable and contrarily since most of family member will spend more time on dinner.

When selecting the dining table set, we should consider some aspects such as, is there any extra space after putting the table? If no, then we must go for the small one without neglecting the interior style. For example, if your has a natural style, then a transparent or glass set is absolutely looks odd. Have you got it?
expensive dining tableAnother thing you must know is your expensive dining table set is not a guarantee to make your home looks better and luxurious. Do a study or survey prior to buying. Does the style will suit your interior or not? Does the set will go along with your home concept or not?

After knowing and truly understand the above explanation, now is the time for discussing it in detail.

Style and Shape

rounded Dining TableAs I said previously, there are many styles and shapes of dining table. The important thing is you know the suitable style for your home design or your room area. Small dining room is better for an round shape as it will give more space. A rectangular shape will be elegant for bigger area surely.

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Dining Table Chairs

Dining Table chairsAfter deciding the style or shape, another important element of dining table set is chairs. The most general material is wood and metal, both of them have different advantage features for you. Maximum time the dining set include with chair and table.

Select on your own with or without hand rest. Chair with hand rest is very elegant of course; however put it in your mind that it is only suitable if you have big space.


rustic tableAs last discussion, it is about durability. Surely you will not sit on your dining table for 1 day or 1 month only right? It is one of home furniture that mostly used by you and your family member. Select the one that can hold the weight and easy to be maintained.

Here are two best and two worst dining room furniture ideas, i hope now you will be smart enough to recognize whats wrong and can be better.

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