How to Decorate a Room With a Cathedral Ceiling

Cathedral ceiling contains two parallel sloping edges that join at a middle point. They are adequate to the roof pitch. On the other hand, a Vaulted ceiling does not have equal sloping edges or it may have one sloping edge. It is not adequate to the roof pitch, unlike the Cathedral ceiling.

Benefits of the Cathedral & Vaulted Ceilings

A room decorated with cathedral ceilingDue to these both types of ceilings, the room looks bigger. If the room is dark, they make it feel like a lighted room. The standard room becomes more splendid and appealing.

Drawbacks of Cathedral & Vaulted Ceiling

Cathedral ceilings in kitchenThe room should give an intimate and comfortable feeling, but with these types of ceilings, it becomes challenging. Also, it is difficult to add the artwork and maintain a proportional space.

Accessorizing the Cathedral Ceiling

You definitely would like to accessorize the Cathedral ceiling, because it gives the homage effect. So, you decorate it with multiple beautiful items. If you have a cathedral ceiling in the living room, you can place smallest to the largest sized accessories on the built-in components. It will enhance the shape of the ceiling. Cathedral ceiling lighting ideas hanging iron chandelier

Matching to the ceiling line, you can hang a clock high on the wall. Do not mess up with too much or too small items, for example, if you will place a little horse statue on the fireplace, it will look odd, rather not noticeable item as such at that place.

Some Tips for Hanging Artwork

Cathedral room ideasIf you place the artwork at the right corner, it will be prominent and complement the ceiling style. For the vaulted ceiling, consider the vertical arrangement of the decor and hanging items, not the horizontal one, e.g. photo frames or sceneries). It will not only fill the space on the wall, but also be in the first sight of the visitors.

Decorating walls cathedral ceilings It is not necessary to follow the conventional ways of setting. If your living room is different in shape, the beautiful artwork in contrast to the high ceiling will be simply adorable. The creative minds know how to hang the artwork according to the eye-level. Nowadays, the trends of hanging over-sized items’ are also very much popular. It is very nice to give your living room an impact as a whole.

Decorating walls with cathedral ceilingsThe use of wall hangings is also a great idea. There are a wide variety of the unique and stylish wall hangings that add to the beauty of your room decor. You can also use their pockets to place some little, but very important things, such as the nail cutter, thread and needle, business cards, receipts, bills, etc.

Another sound tip is to hang the striking wind chime to complement the cathedral ceiling. When someone passes by and touches it a little, it will create a beautiful sound.

What’s Odd for the Cathedral Ceiling Decor?

Cathedral ceilings living roomNow, let us see, which things will not look good in accord with the cathedral ceiling. Here it is!
If you intend to fix the antlers on the walls, make sure, its direction is upward. Some people hang brilliant artwork and photo frames above the eye-level, but their size is so small that you feel it difficult to understand, what is in the frames. So, focus on the big size frames. That can be easily visible (not with the telescope).

Rethink design studio herb river driveWall stickers are also very common these days. There are several types of wall stickers that you can use to decorate the walls complementing the cathedral ceiling, for example, a big rose sticker, a big green and brown tree with the black crows, etc.

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