20 Astounding Center Tables For The Living Room

The living room is a very important room of a home. In its setting, the choice of furniture, especially the placement and design of the center table is the focal thing for you. If you have shifted to a new home, you are definitely not in a position to purchase full furniture for your living room. That is very expensive to buy at once. Time to time, you can add different furniture items. So, as you set foot in the furniture store, you have in your mind, what you have to buy.

So, what is the foremost important item that you should buy as an essential part of your living room? The whole setup looks contemporary, if the center table is modern and stylish. Decorate your living room not just for the guests, but for the family as well. Here, you will find top ten contemporary center tables to set in the living room:

Rectangular Center Table

Center table rectangleYou can choose the rectangular shape of the center table for your living room. There is a space to put the newspapers and magazines. You can also add books in that corner. The edges of this center table are sharp and oblong.

Folded Coffee Wood

Black and white modern folded coffee table wood center tableThe black and white color of the center table in the form of boxes looks stunning. If you choose the folded coffee wood in this contrast, it will leave a great impression on the visitors about your taste. Make sure, the finish is fine and the shape is square.

Coffee Glass Table

Coffee table with glassThere are a lot of unique contemporary tables nowadays. An excellent idea is to use the round shaped coffee glass table. The leg of the table in the curved shape will add to its charm. This design is simply awesome!

Fire Place Design

Center table for living roomAnother striking idea is to add a Coffee table with the fireplace design in the mid. It will keep you warm in winter and look stylish, too.

Coffee & Cream Color

Coffee and cream modern center tableThe overlapping design of the center table in the coffee & cream color will give a modern touch to your living room decor. It is like layering of these colors on each other.

Luxurious Center table

Center table luxuryThe metallic base of the common wooden table can make it extraordinary and classy. Make sure, the base is symmetric with the low rise.

Low Rise Off-White Table

Living room center table rectangle black white contemperary stained woodenA table looks amazing, when it is neatly designed and its finish is smooth. The idea of low rise table in the off-white color is superb. Also, place another center table with the rise lower than the first one. These two tables will indeed beautify your living room.

Chocolate & Brown

Cool living room center table s by centre table for living roomIf your living room is big enough, two rectangular shaped tables in the chocolate brown color with the low rise are ideal for it. This color will match with the wooden furniture and sofas.

Dual-Level Center Tables

Modern coffee tableIf you want more storage on the center table or do not like mess on it, the dual-level center table in the coffee color will be most suited for your living room. It will be a single table, but you can avail yourself of its dual-level like two tables on each other.

Glass Table with Steel Foot

Center table with steel footThe center table made up of glass with the steel foot in a red ruby contrast is worth-seeing. It is especially awesome, if most of your living room interior is of red color. Its contrast with the transparent glass is classy and modern.

Here are ten more very unique and attractive center tables for your living room. I hope you will like them, if you have some more good option, than feel free to share with us.

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Attractive white table as center piece

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Center table with extra storage
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Center table with storage

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Luxury center table

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Unique center table