Art Nouveau Furniture Old Style But Still Popular

The Art Nouveau style dates back to the early 1900’s before the First World War. The name Art Nouveau comes from the name of a shop in Paris which was called the Maison de l’Art Nouveau, it also means the “New Art”.
Artistic Old SofaDuring the early decade of the 20th century the life style was simple, people were progressing in many ways, but also had one foot in the traditions of the glorious past.

The rich still lived in big luxurious houses and the style followed in home decor during the time was the Art Nouveau style. This style dominated everything from the furniture, art, windows nouveau home conceptArt Nouveau furniture is still quite popular. During the era, the Art Nouveau furniture was the latest excitement and many people set out to have their houses refurnished with this latest style. art nouveau furniture table
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The carpenters made all the chairs and tables with their own hands and worked hard to bring finesse into curves and carvings. This style of furniture is characterized by an abundance of curves and floral prints. The curves were to be found in everything and they were inspired by nature, like the arch of a plant’s stem as it bends in the wind. Not just the curves the designing was also inspired by nature. art nouveau chairs

Floral prints and arches that seemed to stretch like trees or vines in the furniture were quite common. Birds, insects and plants could be seen in almost everything. They would be carved into a cupboard door or used as a nouveau table

The type of material used was usually the hardwood. Although it is quite difficult to carve into the hardwood and there is no space for mistakes, but once the hardwood is carved to make a shape it can hold this shape for a long time. art nouveau design

art nouveau
art nouveau was a style of decorative art, architecture, and design prominent in western Europe and the US until World War I.

Furniture made from woods of oak, teak and walnut are quite heavy and still very expensive, but they last long and also extremely good quality. Although the Art Nouveau style was the latest rage in the early 1900’s, but the War brought an end to this fashion. People gave up on expensive, hand carved furniture for cheaper one.
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A Modern Concept of Chair With Art Nouveau Style.

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Dining Room With art nouveau furniture
A Dining Room Concept With art nouveau furniture

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