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Having a good bathroom is probably the most important thing for a lot of people. A lot of us believe that how the washroom is saying a lot about the person’s style and hygiene. How often you feel confused and insecure when someone ask for using your washroom? Well, you don’t have to worry about that if you have a modern Art Deco bathroom.
Art deco bathroomAn amazing bathroom attracts more attention than a fancy bedroom. The options available for art Deco bathrooms are immense. You can choose whichever color scheme that best for you.

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Vintage art deco bathroomChoose a glass shower cabinet or go a little wild and get a vintage themed bathroom.

Victorian style bathroomYou can even go with a Victorian style washroom or a simple black and white classic theme.

Art deco bathroom vanityThere is a huge variety art Deco bathroom vanity, Fixtures and tiles you may choose the one according to your budget.

Clean art deco bathroomMake sure your washroom is always clean and smells good! There are some easy DIY’s that will keep your bathrooms smelling good. Use lemons and mint as you clean your bathroom which will help keep the rust and stink away.

Family art deco bathroomYou can use towel mats to keep your washroom clean and dry. Kids often spill a lot of water when they use the bathroom, having these mats on the toilet seat, outside the shower cabinet and in front of the Basin will keep the washroom dry.

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Art Deco Bathroom Photo Gallery